Powerful text and file search in Visual Studio Code

As Power BI Sidetools creates files from your report, you are able to search through DAX, M, the layout (report pages) and even the ‘Model.bim’ file (the whole model). You can search among multiple reports or among different versions of the same report.
Text and file search in Visual Studio Code is really powerful. There are different ways to search and replace. The only difficulty you will meet will be to choose among all of them.

Have a look at this blog post about Power BI Sidetools and download it in the ‘Setup’ chapter :

File and folder search

Look for a table, calculated table, display folder, measure or calculated column name just typing several letters


Select a file or a folder in Explorer.

Then type several characters to highlight correspondances.

Watch this video from Code 2020 for few more tips :

Text search

Search tab (Ctrl + Shift + F)


To enter the search tab,you can click on the magnifier or select a folder in the Explorer, right click and select “Find in folder”

Search within the editor (Ctrl + F)

While the cursor is in the editor, typing Ctrl + F allows to highlight words or sentences and to navigate to each occurence.


Clicking on the arrow allows to swith to replace mode. Ctrl+ H does the same.


Use the search editor

To enter the search editor, type F1 followed by “new search” and select “New Search Editor”


Type a word to search across all files :


Watch this video from Code 2020 :


You will find more search possibilities in extensions like “Diff Folders” from L13RARY


There is no doubt you will find what you look for with the powerful search capabilities of Visual Studio Code. If you know more search capabilities, please let me know in the comments.

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