Actions within reports

Add data in a table from your reports

You can add data in a table or in an Excel file from your reports. Additionally, you can include a small application. The way to achieve these goals is to add a PowerApps visual. So, please watch this 4 minutes video to add data in a table from your reports. For more interactions from…


Add a tooltip page in your report

A really efficient way to get immediately more insights is to use a tooltip page in your report. I consider it is a good practice if you don’t abuse of it. The content of the tooltip may be static or dynamic depending on the value which is hovered. How to add a tooltip page in…


Visuals test

It’s sometimes useful to compare visuals functionalities. This report is only made for that : compare similar visuals with the Visuals test report. Download the report : Visuals test report More about visuals : Visuals category


Tips for map visual efficiency

I encountered some problems to get Power BI map visual working properly. So I share here the way I do using few tips for map visual efficiency How to Create a calculated column with DAX concatenating a city and a country. Separate them with a space, a comma, a space (do not do it in…