Power BI assistant

Power BI assistant

Power BI assistant project is meant to help Power BI desktop developpers providing functions which are not included natively.

A Power BI report is provided to connect and analyze another Power BI report.

Some features included in Power BI assistant

  • List all DAX formulas and allow to search text within or export to Excel
  • List links between measures/columns (ie measures used by other measures)
  • Compare measures between different versions of the same report
  • Get the memory used by tables/columns


  • Automatic export to Excel
  • Get source files names and folder
  • Pass parameters to R script

Download the report : Power BI assistant in GitHub

Very good tutorial of some functions by Ruth Pozuelo (Curbal) : Compare two Power BI reports in YouTube

In case you need some troubleshooting : Power BI assistant troubleshooting

You may have a look at this other project : Power BI Sidetools

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