Power BI model documentation

Once you created some Power BI reports, no doubt you will need information about your model. There are few ways for Power BI model documentation. I try to collect here all the ways I know.

Power BI assistant

  • List all DAX formulas and allow to search text within or export to Excel
  • List links between measures/columns (ie measures used by other measures)
  • Compare measures between different versions of the same report
  • Get the memory used by tables/columns

More details, downloads and tutorials : https://thebipower.fr/index.php/power-bi-assistant/

Power BI service documenter

Power BI template to document Power BI service


More insights in SQL server profiler


Power BI performance tips and techniques


Power BI helper

Usefull free toolbox to get more insights in your pbix files : http://radacad.com/power-bi-cleanup-tool-time-saving-with-power-bi-helper

Data vizioner

Document, review and improve Power BI reports : https://www.datavizioner.com/

Tabular editor

Usefull free software to easily manipulate and manage measures, calculated columns, display folders, perspectives and translations in SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular Models : https://github.com/otykier/TabularEditor/wiki

VertiPaq analyzer

Data model size with VertiPaq analyzer: https://www.sqlbi.com/articles/data-model-size-with-vertipaq-analyzer/

DAX Studio

Usefull free software to explore your Power BI model, DAX functions and DMV :

Some queries to search in columns and measures in DAX studio :

//  Uncomment the query you need

//  Query to get columns
//select [ExplicitName] as [Column name], [Expression] as [Formula] from $SYSTEM.TMSCHEMA_COLUMNS where [Type]=2 and [SystemFlags]=0

//  Query to get measures
//select [Name] as [Measure name],[Expression] as [Formula] from $SYSTEM.TMSCHEMA_MEASURES

Power BI cleaner

Imke Feldmann’s Power BI cleaner tool : https://www.thebiccountant.com/2020/01/01/tidy-up-power-bi-models-with-the-power-bi-cleaner-tool/

Guy in the cube review

Have a look at this review from Guy in the cube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R3ol9a46yQ

If you find other ways to get Power BI model documentation, please add a comment.