Automatic translation of tabular model

Automatic translation of tabular model (announcement)

Automatic translation of tabular model using Tabular Editor and Excel is possible since the Power BI team gave read/write access to the XMLA endpoint. For the moment, it is a preview feature so be careful using it and work only on copies of your reports.

Tabular Editor is a powerful tool for tabular model edition created by Daniel Otykier :
Detailed presentation :

Please watch this 5 mn video for an overview of the translation solution :

Tabular Editor scripts

These are scripts I wrote to save objects from Tabular Editor to a tsv file and to load translations from a tsv file to Tabular Editor. A tsv file is a text file containing data separated by a tab character :

Once the scripts are downloaded, you can load them in Tabular editor this way :

  • Open “Advanced Scripting” tab
  • Click on the “Open a C# script from a file”
  • Click on “+” button
  • Give a name to the custom action and check at least the “Model” checkbox then click “Ok” button
  • Click on the “Play” button when you want to execute the script or right click on the “Model” in the tree and select ” Custom actions/your custom action name”
  • Redo all these steps each time you get a new version of the scripts !

When you execute the “Save translatable objects” script, translatable objects are exported to a tsv file which is used by the Excel file.
Please notice, the Excel file is not available for the moment. I need to make it robust before to publish it. Additionaly, I need to make more tests and write some warnings as the write access to XMLA endpoint in Power BI desktop is really a preview feature or even a beta feature.


Supported languages and countries/regions for Power BI :


Model name and hierarchies levels are not translated for the moment but might be in the future


See also :
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  1. Hi Didier

    Very good post
    So, I think we can very soon deploy a dataset (version new metadata) to Azure Analysis Service ?
    I do not have access to custom action -> save translatable object -> opening of excel, when I am on the model
    Need help please ;>)

    Best regards

  2. Hello,
    That’s a great post.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I have requirement where the report must be translated to different languages including column headers, tool tips,titles etc..
    I think you method can help me for column headers.
    Can you please share the excel sheet you used for the translation purpose

    1. Thank you,
      This method can help translating the whole report (visuals, model, data).
      Please visit this post as a starting point to understand the whole project :

      You need to consider Automatic translation of tabular model is in preview because XMLA endpoint read/write is a preview feature in Power BI. Please be carefull at the moment.
      Files and the Excel plugin are in this post :
      The post above will be updated during next weeks with an how to. You can share your experience and let me know about potential improvements.

  3. All works great in Desktop. Is there any reason it doesn’t work in the Workspace after publishing? – I changed every locale setting, Windows, Workspace, Browser and it still wouldn’t change when running the report from a Workspace and this was on a pbix that would change in the Desktop successfully, but the Workspace copy only changes the Power BI standard titles not the field titles.

    1. Hello,
      Did you activate the preview feature “enhanced metadata format” in your report ? If it still doesn’t work, I suppose it is because the XMLA endpoint is still a preview feature. We need to be patient.
      You can check your translations in tabular editor. If they are correct then there is nothing else to do.
      To change the language in the service, you only need to select the language in “Parameters / Language” in Power BI service.

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