Automatic translation of tabular model (announcement)

Automatic translation of tabular model using Tabular Editor and Excel is possible since the Power BI team gave read/write access to the XMLA endpoint. For the moment, it is a preview feature so be carefull using it and work only on copies of your reports. If you want a full tutorial, you may leave a comment down below.

Tabular Editor is a powerful tool for tabular model edition created by Daniel Otykier :
Detailed presentation :

Please watch this 5 mn video for an overview of the translation solution :

Tabular Editor scripts

These are scripts I wrote to save objects from Tabular Editor to a tsv file and to load translations from a tsv file to Tabular Editor. A tsv file is a text file containing data separated by a tab character :

Once the scripts are downloaded, you can load them in Tabular editor this way :

  • Open “Advanced Scripting” tab
  • Click on the “Open a C# script from a file”
  • Click on “+” button
  • Give a name to the custom action and check at least the “Model” checkbox then click “Ok” button
  • Click on the “Play” button when you want to execute the script or right click on the “Model” in the tree and select “Custom actions/your script”
  • Redo all these steps each time you get a new version of the scripts !

When you execute the “Save translatable objects” script, translatable objects are exported to a tsv file which is used by the Excel file.
Please notice, the Excel file is not available for the moment. I need to make it robust before to publish it. Additionaly, I need to make more tests and write some warnings as the write access to XMLA endpoint in Power BI desktop is really a preview feature or even a beta feature.


Supported languages and countries/regions for Power BI :


Model name and hierarchies levels are not translated for the moment but might be in the future

3 thoughts on “Automatic translation of tabular model (announcement)”

  1. Hi Didier

    Very good post
    So, I think we can very soon deploy a dataset (version new metadata) to Azure Analysis Service ?
    I do not have access to custom action -> save translatable object -> opening of excel, when I am on the model
    Need help please ;>)

    Best regards

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